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Streator, Illinois  61364
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dan_burda.jpgRecently Completed Consultancy to the Dover Group, Marathon Division at the Corporate Management Level to Evaluate and Manage one of their Recycling Equipment Divisions, Consultancy Contract Value approximately $100,000.00.

Recently Completed Consultancy to Terex, Recycling Equipment Division and Powerscreen Division with RBA Group to Evaluate Shredder and Pulverizer Needs. Consultancy Contract Value approximately $50,000.00.

Present Involvement in Active Setup of Introduction Services to Retech Vecoplan and Weima for Product Sales and Services, Contract Value 1.5% of Sales.

Present Involvement in Active Setup of Asian Equipment Introduction to US and Global Markets, Contract Value, Ownership of Global Sales Group for North and South American Markets.

Present Involvement in Active Setup of Worldwide New and Used Recycling Equipment Dealer Network.

Worldwide Expert in Shredders, Crushers and Pulverizers for the Recycling Equipment Field.

General Overview of Services:
Consulting and Recycling Systems
Rubber and Plastic Recycling,
Tire Recycling, Crum Rubber, Fine Grind
Tire Derived Fuel and product brokering,
Shredder, Crusher and Pulverizer Specialist
Recycling Equipment Specialist
Business Review, Accounting, Sales, and
Management, Acquisitions, Strategic Planning
Computer Science, Development of Businesses

Personal Info:

Born May 16th, 1953 in Prineville, Oregon

Divorced with Two Children Daniel and Brittany

Interests All Sports, Art, Antiques, Jewelry, Cars, Toys, Persian Rugs


Graduate of multiple engineering disciplines from the Unites States Air Force Academy

Business Experience diversified in the implementation and development of several specialized, turnkey waste management companies and technologies.

Air Operations Officer and Pilot in the Strategic Air Command from the age of 21 to 25.

In 1977, Vice President of Burda Family, Saturn Manufacturing Company, heavy equipment manufacturing of Shredders and Recycling Equipment, with 125 employees and a global network of dealers.

Organized sales and marketing of product lines. Within three years, the company was actively solicited by the general industry with buyout offers. It was sold to a group of investors from Texas for $6,500,000.00. Continued in that field with the new owners for a period of 5 years.

After leaving that Organization in Dallas Texas, formed several other companies, startup ventures that have turned into Major Product Lines some of these are , SSI Shredders International, Eidal Shredders™, Burda Group Shredders, all presently active in the Recycling Equipment Field.

Last International Venture with Eidal Shredders™ and the Burda Group, was their sale in 1996 to the Environmental Machinery Group of Kubota Heavy Industries and the Environmental Machinery Group of Hitachi Heavy Industries of Osaka Japan.

Domestic and International Business - 30 Years

Direct Management of Business Groups - 30 Years

Sales and Marketing Management, Startup Ventures - 30 Years

Domestic and International Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Education Experience:

Mechanical Engineering with strong Electrical
Engineering and Computer Interfacing Skills
Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
USAFA Graduate in multiple Engineering Arenas

Business Management, Administration, and Finance

United States Air Force Academy:
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Sciences
Minor in Computer Science
Minor in Electrical Engineering
Minor in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Oklahoma City University:
Graduate Studies in Law

University of Oklahoma:
Graduate Studies in Business Accounting


Highest Graduate Ranking USAFA 32nd in Class of 1440

Distinguished Graduate USAF Pilot T-37, T-38 and KC-135 Tanker

Distinguished Graduate USAF Combat Crew Training, KC-135 Tanker

Distinguished Graduate USAF Air Operational Officer School

Distinguished Graduate USAFA Navy Seal Training

Distinguished Graduate USAFA Navigator Training

Distinguished Graduate USAFA Fort. Benning Jump School


US Senator Mark Hatfield
Joe Eoff – Owner of Eoff Electric

Others Supplied Upon Request


US Patent #3,868,062
US Patent #4,034,918
US Patent #4,560,110
US Patent #4,793,561
US Patent #5,062,576

Patents are for mechanical, electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical-sensor drive arrangements and systems.


Limited General Business Conversational Mandarin Chinese
Limited General Business Conversational Japanese
Limited General Business Conversational Spanish
Limited General Business Conversational German
Limited General Business Conversational French



  1. Development of China Based Manufacturing Group, 1990 to 1997 for Global Companies who desired operations in China.
  2. Development of Industrial Recycling Equipment Group for utilization of Slow Speed Shredder Technology, 1973 To 1993, Total Annual U.S. Sales $60,000,000.00
  3. Purchase and Development of Carborundum Technology in the Industrial Vertical Grinder Field, 1973 to 1997,Total Annual U.S. Sales $10,000,000.00
  4. Development of Commercial Wood Chipper Recycling Equipment Industry, 1980 to 1997, Total Annual U.S. Sales $75,000,000.00
  5. Development of Agricultural and Consumer Chipper and Shredder Recycling Industry, 1990 to 1997, Total Annual U.S. Sales $5,000,000.00


1997 - Present Managing Partner, Burda-Global-Eidal, Consultancy Group

1977 - 1997 Managing Partner and Owner
Saturn Shredders, SSI International Shredders
Burda Group Shredders / Eidal Shredders™
Machete Chippers and Duerr Chippers
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

1975 - 1977 United States Air Force CCTS Combat Crew Training Squadron
Distinguished Pilot, Boeing KC135 Air Refueling Tanker

1971 - 1975 United States Air Force Academy, Engineering
Colorado Springs, Colorado


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Industry Has Grown out of Need

China partner agreement 2011
Secrecy-Confidentiality Agreement


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Eidal Shredding Product Line


We are also the owners of the Eidalâ„¢ Shredding product line. The era of High Priced equipment is over. Our company has pioneered the recycling industry and now we are pioneering cost effective equipment from our manufacturing plants in China.

GLOBAL CG GROUP operates and manages production facilities in China to ensure prompt delivery and high quality craftsmanship on all equipment ordered.
Global Recycling Equipment, 318 Portland Ave, Town of Mount Royal, Quebec, Canada, H3R 1V5